How to Put On a Wig for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wearing a wig for the first time can be a scary experience. It even can set back the most confident person with the fear of being the talk of the town. Don't worry! If you are putting on the wig correctly with a systematic approach, you will definitely rock the look.

Even if you are a new wig wearer, following the right steps will help you achieve the required look flawlessly. To help you make a wig look more natural and good, we have put together a useful technique and tip here. Explore the guide to achieve the desired look.

How to Put On a Wig?

How to Put On a Wig

No matter which type and how excellent quality wig you own, if you are not putting it right, it is impossible to get a flawless, and natural look. Here are some simple methods you need to follow to have a real-looking wig.

Video Guide on How to Put on a Wig

In this short and precise video, Arielle shows you how to put on a wig in 5 minutes, it's so easy!

Put on Wig Cap

wig cap

Putting the wig cap before the wig is the most important step:

  1. If your natural hair is long, please put it into a low ponytail or bun first so we can wear the wig later.
  2. Place the wig cap on your natural hairline and stretch it to cover your entire head.
  3. Now tuck the stray hair into the wig cap to avoid being seen while wearing the wig.
  4. Ensure that the sides of the wig cap are tucked behind the ears.

Put on Wig

Put on Wig

The real struggle and carefulness begin when you try to put on a wig.

  1. First, gently shake the wig to fluff it up. If it's a curly wig, use your fingers to “free the curls up” a bit. For straight wigs, use a wide-tooth comb to work through any tangles.
  2. Hold it up in front of your hands. Make sure that the label of the wigs is coming at the back.
  3. Slightly tilt your head forward, plant the wig's front on the hairline, and carefully slide it on from there.
  4. Keep making adjustments, gently pulling the two ear points to position the wig until you feel comfortable and it fits naturally to your hairline.
  5. Now you can secure the wig firmly using wig clips and wig tape.
  6. If this is your first time wearing a wig, you will need to cut off any excess lace. Don’t forget to cut off the ear tabs on each side of the wig.

Tips to Make Wig Look Flawless

Only knowing the method to wear a wig is not enough. Here are simple tips that will help you achieve a more natural look.

Get the Right Cap Construction

In case you like pulling your hair back in the front, then getting a hand on the lace front wig is best. It offers a realistic hairline. It looks like the coming from your face is just growing from the scalps. Similarly, you can also get monofilament cap construction. These are also handy when it comes to staying natural. However, you may need to pay close attention while parting.

Customize the Hairline

The hairline is a key indicator of good and bad wigs. To make your wig look more realistic, consider customizing the hairline. Usually, synthetic wigs have bad reviews due to blocky hairlines. However, modern wigs are flawless and premium-quality human hair wigs that ensure a natural look.

However, you can take this one step further by plucking the hairline and customizing it properly to fit your preferred style.

Pay Attention to Parting

Styling the wig is one of the best challenges to achieving a natural look. Synthetics particularly gave the tendency to come with a rigid parting that looks too perfect. It means they have perfectly straight as well as the thin line through the wig, making the parting flawless. Therefore, a human hair wig is always a better option.

Their hairline or parting is never too-perfect to look unnatural. It is because the natural hair parting is never too straight, thin, and on point. Therefore, the parting and wig are more natural when done manually and not 100% flawlessly. To customize the parting, you can pluck excessive hair to achieve a more natural look.

You can also consider tinting the parting with the help of a concealer that is slightly lighter than your face because natural scalps have a lighter tone than the face. Therefore, with the use of slight makeup on the scalps of the wig, you can create the illusion of natural hair.

Wear it Close to Natural Hairline

The wig that is settled too down and too high from the original hairline can indicate that you are wearing the wig. for flawless and excellent results, try to wear the wig closer to your hairline. Experts suggest keeping the wig a bit in front. This makes sure that you have a natural look without causing too much strain on your real hair from friction-causing alopecia.

Anyhow, if you like to keep the wig on the hairline, consider using the wig band or wig fixer that does not let the wig slip back. Not only do the silicon grippers keep your full-circumference wigs secure, but they also protect the natural hair from potential damage.

Keep Up The Maintenance

There is no mystery that synthetic wigs require more maintenance as compared to natural human hair wigs. That is why you are suggested to get a hand on natural human hair wigs. However, no matter which type of wig you are using, keeping the maintenance on top with a small amount of regular care is essential to extend the lifespan of your wig. Regular maintenance is also best for a more natural look.

Here are some of the key maintenance habits that you can follow to keep the wig in the best condition.

  • Keep product usage to the minimum
  • Be gentle with it
  • Use the steamer to detangle hair instead of a brush or comb
  • Wash it regularly(Learn how to wash your wig)
  • Try to reduce the use of heat styling tools even if the wig is heat resistant.

How to Prevent Wigs From Falling Out?

wig glue

Wig Glue: For wig glue, use a small makeup brush to pick up the glue and apply a thin layer of glue around the hairline. Let it dry. This may take several minutes. We recommend using glue sparingly as it is difficult to remove and may cause irritation.

Wig Tape

Wig Tape: This double-sided tape is specially designed for wigs and works great to hold the lace front. Gently place the double-sided strip along the hairline to secure it to the skin. Leave a small space between each strip of tape. This ensures that when you sweat, the moisture can escape without damaging the entire section of tape. Compared with wig glue, wig tape is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin.

Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins: The cheapest and most accessible option, bobby pins are used to hold the wig in place and prevent it from moving, you can get your wig in place in the shortest possible time. Definitely the best option for you when you don't have enough time to get ready in the morning.

Wig Clips

Wig Clips: Wig clips are small metal clasps that can be used to attach your wig to your natural hair. If you have a sensitive scalp, we recommend you this option. Each Hedyhair wig comes with 4 wig clips, which can keep the wig firmly fixed on your head.

Wig Band

Wig Band: The wig band holds your wig comfortably in place and evenly redistributes the wig's weight, which helps take some of the pressure off your wig and prevents it from falling out. You can find different wig bands designed for a variety of wigs.


Putting on a wig is not enough to achieve a natural look. You need to follow a systematic approach that helps you correctly apply the wig. Also, you can pluck excessive hair from the front or the parting area to ensure it does not look unnatural. When you do not miss any step, it becomes impossible for a wig to slip from the place or pull the hair by any chance. However, no one is perfect. With a bit of practice, you can become proficient in putting on a wig.

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