How to Make Your Human Hair Wigs Soft Again? | Includes Video Guide

Wigs are a common hair accessory used nowadays to create different looks without damaging natural hair. These are easy to wear and maintain. All you need to do is wash and keep them secure. Preventing heat styling tools helps retain natural texture and quality as well.

If you are a frequent wig wearer, you must agree that it is easy to wear and maintain a wig. During hectic routines and busy days, people often overlook maintenance requirements which turn a wig dry, hard, and frizzy. Keep in mind that better-quality wigs mean low maintenance.

Despite taking care, if your wig has turned dry and hard, follow this guide to get back softness.

Why do Human Hair Wigs dry-up and Become Harder?

No matter if you have a human hair system, this hair cannot grow and nourish itself. It is because they do not get the required minerals and oil from natural scalps. People think the natural hair system will work like natural hair. That is why they do not care, and wigs lose their shine.

Apart from that, there are many reasons to come together and make a wig drain its shine and softness. Some of the main causes include:

  • Prolonged seawater exposure
  • Frequent wash from hard water
  • Lack of moisturizers and natural oil
  • Long exposure to sunlight
  • Excessive bleaching and dyeing of wigs
  • Chlorine water exposure
  • Using your towel vigorously

Video Guide on How to Revive/Restore Curly Hair-No Boiling Method

Bring your dry and stiff wigs back to life by watching Palesa M's video.

Revamp the Natural Texture of the Wig in 5-Steps

Now you know why human hair wigs turn hard and less lustrous. It is time to explore how to make human hair wigs soft again.

Step 1: Prepare your Wig for a Good Wash

Prepare your Wig for a Good Wash

As humans occasionally require oiling to restore natural shine and strengthen the scalps, wigs also require pre-wash care to stay soft.

First of all, you need to restore the moisture before washing it. You can give conditioning treatment with the help of natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, etc. Apply them from the roots until the end of the hair.

If you do not have natural oil at the time, you can also apply a gentle and good conditioner. After applying, let the hair system rest for at least half an hour under the shower cap.

Step 2: Shampoo your Wig

Shampoo your Wig

The next step is to wash away the oil or conditioner you applied in the previous step. Do not apply shampoo directly. Rinse the wig thoroughly to remove the conditioner completely. Then apply the sulfate-free shampoo and keep more focus on the roots. Gently massage the base and strands to soften accumulated dust and pollution.

Lastly, rinse the hair with lukewarm water. Ensure that water is neither too hot nor too cold because both extremes lead to stiffness. Keep washing until the dirt and shampoo have washed away. Keep the running water flowing in the same direction through the hair, as this will avoid tangles.

Step 3: Moisturize and Condition the Wig

Moisturize and Condition the Wig

Once you have rinsed the shampoo, you need to apply a moisturizing conditioner. Apply a good post-wash conditioner. Coat your entire wig from the base to the tips, as every inch of hair requires moisture to revive softness.

When the wigs turn dry, stiff, and lose the bounce, the ends are generally the most obvious points. Hence, you need to pay more attention to them.

Leave the conditioner for a while and then wash it with mild cold water. This practice helps close the cuticles and significantly revive the moisture.

Step 4: Dry your Wig

Dry your Wig

It is the most important step. The whole process means nothing if you are not drying your wig well. To dry the wig, place it on the towel and let the excess water soak. After one or two minutes, gently pat it with a tower and let it dry again.

Apart from that, you can also place the wigs on a wig stand and let them dry in natural air. However, the method of using a towel is easy and quick, and you do not have to deal with wet surfaces.

When the hair system has almost dried, apply a thin layer of Argan oil to control frizz. You can put a few drops on your hand and massage it into your skin. It will help revive lustrous shine and make them look natural.

Step 5: Store the Wig

Store the Wig

After washing and drying, do not let the wig hang in the open air. Instead, store it in a box or bag. If you do not plan to wear it for a long time, keep it safe in a satin bag. It will protect your wig from dryness and prevent tangling.

What is the Difference Between Typical and Wigs Shampoo?

The natural human hair shampoo for daily use is specially designed to eliminate oil, dirt, and styling product accumulation by washing away natural moisture from strands. Common shampoos are equipped with a wide range of drying agents, such as alcohol and sulfate.

When it comes to wig shampoo, you will not find any of such ingredients. As hair systems lack a source of natural moisture, it is necessary to wash them with alcohol and sulfate-free shampoos.

How to Revive Softness without Washing Them?

For instant softness and quick refresh of your hair wigs without washing, you can use dry shampoo instead. These are special formulas that instantly soak up dirt, oil, and grease without rinsing with water.

Whether you are using common wig shampoo or a dry one, do not clean the wig daily. To maximize life, wash them once every two weeks.

Tips for Storing Wigs for Women

  • Storing on a wig stand or mannequin head is the best way to display wigs

If you don't have a wig stand, you can also try the following three methods.

  • In the original packaging
  • In a suitable airtight plastic container
  • In a shoe box lined with soft tissue paper


Human hair wigs are the best hair system to get the desired volume. However, if you want to have a natural look, make sure to get a hand on a high-quality wig from the best brand, such as Hedy Hair wigs. Hedy Hair wigs manufacturers make excellent quality wigs that ensure a natural look and require low maintenance. As long as you are washing them with lukewarm water, they will not lose their shine.

These wigs do not dry up easily, but if, due to hectic routines, you forget to keep them secure in the bag, the above-mentioned steps will help you revive the softness and shine.

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