How to Do Skunk Stripe Hair at Home-Full Guide

Are these beautiful locks your own? this is the question everyone is going to ask you once you do something amazing with your hair. Rather it is wearing a natural-looking wig, bleaching, dying, or cutting your hair into something different. Remember, those locks of yours deserve to be flattered and flaunted.

One of the most amazing things you can do to your hair that will turn some heads is a “skunk stripe hair”. Don’t know what it is yet? Don’t worry, we are here to tell you and guide you about how you can do it. skunk stripe hair means highlighting a small portion of your locks with bleached blonde, red, or some other color that will stand out.

So, if you are up for a new experience, here’s your “how-to” guide. You will have to keep reading until the end if you want to get answers to all your questions and end up with something new and amazing.

What is Skunk Stripe Hair?

What is Skunk Stripe Hair

“Skunk”; what exactly is meant by this word? Does it ring a bell? You might get the idea of what we are talking about here by the word “skunk”. So, a skunk stripe hair trend is gaining popularity these days but it doesn’t mean that it is a new trend. It may look new to most of you but it has always been there.

This trend goes back to the 1970s when they say a punk introduced this hairstyle. Because they were always looking to try something that makes them stand out. And one the example is “mohawk”. Skunk stripe hair means the portion of your hair is colored mostly blonde or any other color that makes it specifically stand out. Like red, dark green, or yellow in contrast with the black hair. Mostly, skunk stripe hair is an about bleached, blonde, or white stripe in hair, which makes your locks look unique and provide the feeling of standing out in the crowd.

Now, it is up to you what color you are planning to go for, but whatever it is, you need to choose wisely yet profoundly because this is your hair and you have every right of making them look bold, unique, and outrageous. Following the skunk-stripe hair trend will give you a whole makeover because this is what this hairstyle is meant to be.

Why is Skunk Stripe Hair So Trendy Lately?

Why is Skunk Stripe Hair Trending a Lot These Days

Skunk stripes are so much in trending and have gained all this popularity. A lot of celebrities are also flaunting their skunk stripe hair. Here are a few reasons why this hairstyle is getting famous among ladies:


This hairstyle makes you look confident and bold. It helps you express yourself as somebody independent, passionate, and innovative.


This hairstyle is easy to achieve, and maintain and causes minimum damage to your hair. You can easily achieve this hairstyle with a simple guide at home.

Best way to try something new

Not everyone prefers coloring their hair. There are different reasons kike whether it will suit them or not, hair damage, and more. So, in that case, it is best to get skunk stripe hair because this way, you can easily get a new and unique look and you don’t even have to color your whole head.

What Tools do You Need to Do Skunk Stripe Hair at Home?

The item list for trying a skunk stripe hair at home is not hard to access. It might be all the items that you already have at home. So, here’s what you need:

Your favorite color: You should have a hair dye of the color you want to apply to your hair.

Hairbrush: Something to comb your hair, for making sure that they aren’t tangled anymore.

Disposable gloves: A pair of disposable gloves usually come with hair dye.

Dry cloth or towel: So, you can dry your hair after washing.

Color applicator: Simple color applicator, usually referred to as long tail tint brush, for applying the color evenly.

Pro tip: Standing in front of the mirror in your bathroom will help you apply the color evenly and avoid the mess

How to do Skunk Stripe Hair at Home

Now, this is something that you can learn easily. It is not rocket science to try and achieve skunk stripe hair at home. You can easily get the finest look with your favorite contrast color without spending a lot of money at salons. Here are a few simple steps you need to follow to get skunk stripe hair at home:

Get the right color: The first step is to find the right color and right brand so you won’t regret it later. Select the color wisely so that it goes perfectly with your original hair and makes a nice contrast. Find the color and get ready to make it work.

Partition: Now it’s time to part your hair after proper combing. Now you need to part your hair in sections according to the location you want a stripe. It could be one stripe or more. You can make it happen at the front most like bangs, or make a stripe at the back of the head and nape of the neck is also an option. It’s your choice.

Time to act: Now it’s time to apply the color. Open the packaging, mix it as it is advised, and apply it to your hair. You would want to make sure that you read the instructions that came with the product. Apply the color carefully, from roots to ends, and use a long-tail tint brush. Apply the color equally to the parts you are aiming at.

Time to wash: In most cases, you just need to leave the color on for a few minutes, again, follow the instructions and then wash your hair.

Results: After washing, you have finally achieved your skunk stripe hair look. Do not forget to condition and moisturize your hair after the wash. And they are all yours to style and flaunt.

How to make your skunk stripe last longer?

Now when you color your hair, even if it’s about the whole head or just a portion of your hair, they need extra care. They are now versioned hair so there is no harm in taking care of them. here are a few tips that can make your skunk stripe hair last longer:


It is good to have a touch-up every 6-10 weeks if you are planning to go with your skunk stripe hair for a long time. A touch-up will add shine and make your color look vibrant.


Don’t forget to use some hair products like a leave-in conditioner or a leave-in serum after you wash and condition your hair. This will keep your hair hydrated overall and especially the skunk stripe.

Avoid heat:

Although you are using heat protection products and moisturizing your hair properly, it is better to avoid UV rays as well as heat styling your skunk stripe hair frequently. Too much exposure to heat could ruin your color as well as cause itching to your scalp.

6 Popular Skunk Stripes Recommended For You

Blonde & gingerBlonde & ginger skunk stripe hair

The contrast between ginger and blonde can better attract people's attention to the face.

Blue bangs & blackBlue bangs & black

You can try dyeing your entire bangs blue. This is done to contrast with your base color.

Pink & black

pink & black skunk stripe hair

Pink goes well with black. Plus, the warm pink on the sides of the front suits all skin tones.

Burgundy & blonde
burgundy & blonde skunk stripe hair

Red hair is for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It's a bold, saturated color.

Green & black

green & black skunk stripe hair

Green hair is fun and a great way to show that you're willing to take a risk. Colors are associated with growth and nature and can powerfully express your thoughts and feelings.

Pink & blonde
Pink & blonde
Blonde hair is beautiful and is a great way to brighten up your hair and brighten up your appearance.

Final Words:

Skunk stripe hair is not the newest trend. But it might have never been as famous as it is now. Most celebrities are also trying this trend with their hair or with a wig. this trend is best for those who willingly try bold and innovative looks on regular basis and are not afraid to try something new. With this guide, you will find it easier to achieve a skunk stripe hair look from the comfort of your home. So, time to enjoy your new look.

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