Wig Density Chart | How To Choose The Right Wig Density?

There are many factors you need to consider when buying a wig, such as density, length, color, etc. So do you know the difference between different densities of wigs? Many customers are just confused about the density, if you are confused about the different densities of wigs and don't know what wig density is right for you, this article will clear your doubts and help you understand everything about it! Keep reading, here are some expert certified tips about wig density.

1. What Is Wig Density?

Wigs of different densities

Wig density is defined as the thickness of the hair on your lace wig, it means the amount of hair on each wig cap, and is a measure of the fullness or volume of a wig, usually expressed as a percentage ranging from extra light (about 60%) to extra heavy (200% and above). Obviously, the higher the density percentage, the fuller it looks; the lower the density percentage, the thinner it looks. The hair density of a healthy person is usually around 120%.

2. Why Does Wig Density Matter?

Appearance usually affects people's first impression of you, and hairstyle has a great influence on our appearance, full or thin hair has different effects on our appearance. Imagine what it would look like if you had thick and shiny hair for parties, weddings, or even everyday shopping. It will boost your confidence and attract most people's attention. However, people with thinning or balding hair are somewhat frustrated by this problem, as an imperfect hairstyle can affect a person's appearance and self-confidence. This is why hair density is important, so you should choose a wig density that works for you.

Why Does Wig Density Matter?

Before we choose the wig density, we should consider the following four factors:

Appearance: Medium and high-density wigs are significantly fuller than low-density wigs. If you want a natural and charming appearance, medium and high-density wigs will help you achieve it. In addition, high-density wigs will give you more options for styling because they are full enough.

Wearing experience: When wearing a high-density wig, you will obviously feel that you have luxurious and full hair, which will greatly improve your self-confidence

Hair care: The care procedures for different density wigs will vary somewhat (more on this later).

Prices: Obviously, higher density means a higher price, but for those who like the fuller look, it's worth it.

3. Wig Density Chart

For a more intuitive understanding of what the difference is between different densities of wigs, we have provided a chart below.

Wig Density Chart

4. Wig Density Classified

60%-90%(Lower Density Wig): This is the lowest available density where you can't even feel the wig and is only suitable for people with very light natural hair density. This wig density is usually used for hairlines to create a realistic look.

100%-110%(Lower Density Wig): This wig density is still on the light side, but the coverage is significantly higher than 60%-90% density wigs, if your hair is naturally thinner, this density is a good choice.

120%-130%(Medium Density Wigs): This density is an average density, it is neither too thick nor too thin, very similar to the density of your natural hair to give you a natural look.

150%(Medium Density Wigs): This density is Between medium and heavy with more fullness than a regular wig, for women who want their hair to look natural and slightly fuller. Most of the standard wigs you see in stores and online are of this density.

180%(Medium Density Wigs): This density will significantly increase the volume and thickness of your wig, if you like the full style then this density is suitable for you (recommended to choose long hair).

200%(Higher Density Wigs): This density is so heavy that many celebrities or performers style their hair with this density. If you want your hair to look like a celebrity or want extreme fullness this density is for you (recommended to choose a wig of 24 inches or above).

250%(Higher Density Wigs): This is the highest-grade wig you can buy in most stores. 250 % density wigs are the fullest and most luxurious wigs on the market. But usually, they are also the most expensive, but for those who like the ultimate fullness of hair, it is worth it (recommended to choose a wig of 24 inches or above).

medium density wig

Lower Density Wig(100%-120%): These wigs are suitable for people with thinning hair, you do not even feel the presence of wigs.

Medium Density Wig(130%-180%): These wigs provide more volume than low-density wigs, but it is not an overwhelming amount. Allows you to create a variety of cute and elegant looks to show your charm.

Higher Density Wigs(190%-250%): These wigs provide you with extreme fullness. Most celebrities and influential people have these density wigs. If you like this density of wig, I suggest you try to choose long hair (24 inches or more), because then it will look more natural.

Anyhow, when you're looking for the best density human hair wigs, keep in mind that a wig made from 100% virgin human hair will give you the highest quality and closest-to-natural hair texture.

5. Wig Care For Different Densities

Washing wigs

For all densities of wigs, you should use the right care methods. Taking care of your wig correctly will reduce the chances of shedding and prolong its life. One of the most important points is to treat your wig gently, we know that even our own natural hair should not be treated roughly, so be gentle with your wig. Let's look at how to care for wigs of different densities:

Low Density: low density wigs should be particularly gentle when cleaning. In addition, it needs to be treated with lighter hair care products to maintain the thickness and feel of the hair.

Medium Density: Medium density wigs are the easiest to care for. You can use a variety of products to keep them moist and looking good and wash them regularly with shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for wigs

High Density: High-density wigs have a lot of hair, so you must clean them thoroughly (you can increase the number of care products appropriately).

6. What Is The Best Density For A Wig?

What Is The Best Density For A Wig?


In terms of the best density, there is really no one density better than another, because choosing the right wig density you need to consider many factors, including the look you want, hair texture, length, etc. Only by deeply understanding these factors and more factors can you better choose the wig density that suits you. You usually need to understand the following factors:

The Hairstyle you want: Short or long, curly or straight, high ponytail or buns? Depending on the style you are after, you will need to choose wigs of different densities. Usually, high-density wigs are more suitable for long straight hair. Low-density wigs are great for short hair and coarse textured wigs.

Your natural hair density: If you want your wig to look more natural, you should choose a density that is close to your natural hair. For example, if your natural hair is fine and thin, you should choose a wig density that is closer to the 130% to 150% range. On the other hand, if your natural hair is very thick and full, a higher-density wig (180-250%) will give you the most natural look. 

Material: Wigs with the same density may also look different, depending mainly on the material of the wig, For the best overall look, we recommend that you choose wigs made of 100% virgin or Remy human hair. 

Length: Usually different lengths of wigs correspond to different densities. Here is the data on wig length and corresponding wig density, you can use it as a reference for choosing wig density.
Wig Length-Hair Density
12 to 14 inches - 120% / 130% / 150%
16 to 20 inches - 150%/180%
22 to 24 inches - 180%/200%
26 to 32 inches - 200%/220%

7. The Best Wigs Start With Hedy Hair

If you are looking for the best human hair wigs to create an elegant look, Hedy Hair offers you a variety of textured wigs, such as body wave, straight hair, curly wigs, and other textures, there are 150%, 180%, and 220% densities for you to choose from(If you want higher density we can also customize for you). We are a hair products manufacturer with 15 years of factory experience, our wigs are known for being affordable, quality, and soft to the touch.

8. FAQ About Wig Density

What Is The Difference Between 150 and 180 Density Wig?

For women who want their hair to look natural and slightly fuller, 150% density wigs are a good choice, and less dense wigs have better breathability and comfort. But 180% density wigs allow you to experiment with more gorgeous and elegant looks, and it is suitable for women who prefer a fuller style wig. How to choose depends on your budget and the effect you want.

Does Hedy Hair Offer 250% Density Wigs?

Of course, if you want a high-density wig we can customize it for you (contact our 24-hour online customer service). In addition, we also offer custom length and color services.

9. Conclusion

Do you now have a preliminary understanding of wig density? In our opinion, wig density is one of the important aspects of a wig. High-density wigs are very popular and can provide volume and full hair, while low-density wigs provide a minimalist wig experience. If you want to try to choose a suitable wig for yourself right now, you can click here to choose. You can always trust Hedy, we are always committed to providing high quality products and best service to our customers.

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