72 Amazing Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

wedding hairstyles for black women wedding hairstyles for black women

Is your wedding day approaching? You must have done with a stunning dress, a beautiful handbag, and statement shoes, and now it must be the time to decide the wedding day hairstyle to groom the overall look.

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, their versatility is endless. You may like the hairstyle your friend made at her wedding, but remember that every style is not for everyone. All brides have different combinations of color, length, and texture, so choose one which is suitable for you.

Choosing the perfect hairstyle for the big day is a challenging task. To make it a little easier, we have listed some best hairstyles you will never regret.

How to Choose a Wedding Hairstyle?

Hairstyles are the real game changer. A good style elevates the overall look of a simple dress, whereas a bad one destroys the look. Therefore, be sure to add selecting hairstyle to your pre-wedding checklist.

For selecting a hairstyle, keep your dress's style in your mind, do research, ask for suggestions, and book a trial appointment with your hairdresser. Think about the accessories you want to wear and the weather. If you are planning a wedding in summer, updos and braids will be a better selection to ensure comfort. In winter, curls, waves, and open styles are more in.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

These are classic and stylish hairstyles that you can select for any season with any accessory.

1. Wave Hairstyle

Wave Hairstyle

When it comes to wedding hairstyles for black women, wavy hairstyles are certainly an essential topic of conversation. This hairstyle is as popular as ever in 2023. They are so stylish, glamorous, and classic that you can often see this hairstyle in celebrities. The effect of hair flowing like silk is the pinnacle of hairdressing skills.

2. Kinky Curls for Natural Look

Kinky Curls for Natural Look

Kinky curls are a common texture of black women. If you have a clear picture of these hairstyles, you can style them while retaining a natural ambiance. Conversely, if you have straight hair, you can get the texture and shape with the help of a hair pick. You can also hire a stylist to turn this hairstyle into reality for you.

3. Naturally Highlighted Curls

Naturally Highlighted Curls

Natural beauty is rare to spot at weddings. If you have natural curls, you are lucky to be different. Wearing natural curls on your wedding day is one of the best decisions you can make. Just remember to add ambiance with color and highlights. This style will retain the natural beauty and look something different as well.

4. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous Curls


Do you have thin hair, and no updo looks complementary? Try free and huge voluminous curls. These are the best contenders when it comes to comfortable hairstyles for weddings. This style is best for women who want to flatter their face shape.

5. Cornrows and Curls

Cornrows and Curls

It is the most common and favorite among black women who have natural curls. This style is most suitable for all lengths and colored hair. The elegance and versatility ensure it looks perfect with every wedding gown and dress. As a bride or bride's maid, consider this style to rock the look.

6. Skunk Stripe Hair

Skunk Stripe Hair

Skunk stripes never disappoint. It flatters your face shape perfectly, and no matter how long your hair is, you can trust this hairstyle to give you that extra oomph. You can choose different colors to go with it, and curls are also a great option if you want a fuller look.

7. Wavy Chignon

Wavy Chignon

The classic hairstyle with a modern touch always results in astonishing results. Add waves to the old hairstyle chignon to create ambiance and texture and induce the desired glamor to your wedding look. This hairstyle is for everyone having any length of hair.

8. Pompadour and Double Chignon

Pompadour and Double Chignon

Pompadour hairstyles are best for black women to get the desired volume. To elevate the look, combine double chignon with a pompadour. It will make every person stop and admire the style for a minute. This combination is excellent for brides who want to look different on their special day.

9. Sleek Classic Chignon with Middle Part

Sleek Classic Chignon with Middle Part

Chignons have been part of wedding hairstyles for decades. They are a perfect combination of class and glamorous. Whether you are planning to wear a gown or a short dress, you can style a chignon with it. Carefully pull the hair back to the nape and pin it well. Here you go with your desired look.

10. Roll and Tuck Chignon

Roll and Tuck Chignon

Chignon is old-style, but it never goes out of fashion. When all ideas exit for the bride who wants something out of the blue, the game of roll and tuck chignon begins. Combining the different hairstyles will help you create unique, fresh, and something new, which is totally worth your time and energy.

11. Waves and Gems

Waves and Gems

Do you want to be a princess? Simply wear your hair in sleek, loose waves and add some pearls or gems.

12. Pin Curls

Pin Curls

Elegance, beauty, and style are not limited to long or medium hair. If you have a pixie or short hair, fix a pin and get ready for your special day. With trapped cuts, you can create excellent reflections of updo. Add a pin or two on one or both sides, and get a perfect bridal hairstyle.

13. Pompadour with Open Loose Waves

Pompadour with Open Loose Waves

For the voluminous front, a pompadour is a good option. Combine it with loose and open long waves to get the perfect ambiance on your special day. Perfect volume at the front and back gives a stunning look.

14. Side Afro Puff

Side Afro Puff

Making a side puff is a great way to maximize the volume of the well-designed and prepared afro hairstyle. Moreover, it is a new style of pulling the hair aside, offering more space to style your favorite wedding accessories.

15. Classic Afro With Hair Accessories

Classic Afro With Hair Accessories

Whether you wear it in a high bun, low ponytail, or a shaggy afro, you can pair it with a funky hair accessory for a super glamorous look.

16. Curly Sisterlocs

Curly Sisterlocs

When it comes to locs, the versatility never ends. When you are deciding on a wedding hairstyle, curling the locs is surely worth it. These are not only easy to achieve but also make room for wearing various hair accessories.

Charming Updos

Buns and updos are never out of fashion. Updos are an excellent selection for defining features.

17. Elegant Crown Twist Braids

Elegant Crown Twist Braids

Want a larger-than-life bridal style? You've found it! This style will make you look like a queen, exude luxury, and will make you the most beautiful bride.

18. Curly High Bun

Curly High Bun

Gather your hair to the top of your head and gently twist them around to create a shaggy look. Keep a few strands loose to show off your swirls.

19. Twist and Pin Updos

Twist and Pin Updos

Twists and pin updos are the most stylish and appealing updos that should not be overlooked while listing wedding hairstyles for black women. The twist-and-pin hairstyle is sophisticated and gracefully complements all wedding dresses. It is cool to wear after wedding functions if you know how to style it.

20. Twisted Locs Wedding Updo

Twisted Locs Wedding Updo

Locs are a traditional hairstyle among black women. If you incorporate it with a stylish updo on your wedding day, it will make a statement. Combine the locs and bun for a stunning look.

21. Curly Updo with Hair Accessory

Curly Updo with Hair Accessory

Having a wedding in summer? Do not let an open hairstyle ruin your mood and makeup. Think about a curly updo which is the perfect style to keep your hair off your neck and back. Add the element of summer in the form of flowers and hair accessories. This style looks elegant and complementary in hot weather.

22. Bun with Side Swept Bangs

22.Bun with Side Swept Bangs

Buns are common hairstyles to witness at weddings, and there is no wonder why. Who does not love a bun? Just combine it with a curly puff for a unique look. It will make your whole hairstyle sophisticated and manifold visual interest to wear the whole day.

23. Huge Bun with Additional Side Twists

Huge Bun with Additional Side Twists

For updos, the huge bun can never leave the spotlight. This hairstyle is simple, appealing, simple, and stylish. The best thing about it is that there is no fixed size. Change the size according to the style and accessory you like to wear. Add beads or twist on one side to get the additional but reasonable height.

24. Triple Low Buns

Triple Low Buns

Simply styled and cute: these are the adjectives that best describe this low bun. You are twisting three evenly spaced buns together to create a romantic and stylish hairstyle.

25. Back Braid with Veil

Back Braid with Veil

The back braid with the front veil is a traditional look, but it gives real vibes of being a bride. All you need to do is to make a butch or twisted braid from back to upward and pin the veil asymmetrically to complement the look.

26. Faux Hawk with Pompadour

Faux Hawk with Pompadour

Let's get daring on the big day with a combination of textured faux hawk and pompadour. It is an excellent combination that never goes wrong. Faux hawk with pompadour surely shows off the texture of the afro and manifold elegance of the overall look.

27. Large Mid Bun

Large Mid Bun

Let's think of something different for your big day. What about a big bun? And a volumized puff in the middle? Yes! It would be a great combination. This style is about making a statement. To achieve this look, you need to get a considerably sized bun. You will surely have to wear extensions to increase the size.

28. Styled Baby Hairs

Styled Baby Hairs

Don't neglect the edges of your hair, styling them properly will make your wedding hairstyle more perfect.

29. Defined Waves Updo

Defined Waves Updo

Have you seen a wavy updo? Surely not! Otherwise, you would not think about any other. This is a perfect and romantic updo due to defined twists that turn around each other forming a uniform spiral hairdo. It will give a perfect look of modern and vintage style.

30. Fishtail High Bun

Fishtail High Bun

A simple one looks good, but if you add some layers and style to it, it will increase elegance and charm. For ultimate bun styling, a fishtail will be a good decision. Once you have tied the hair back, work on the fishtail braid and bobby pins to let them rest with a huge bun. Then you are ready to rock your day and become the day's bride.

31. Swirled Bun Hairstyle

Swirled Bun Hairstyle

If you have dead straight hair or chemically straightened hair, you should give this look a try for your big day. The straight hair turns into excellent and lustrous circles to add perfect glamor and a touch of retro look. Add a hairpiece for some shine and spark.

32. Wedding Twisted Updo

Wedding Twisted Updo

Did you know that a simple twist can also turn into buns? Yes! with multiple braid-strand twisted braids, you can roll up your straight, curly, or all-length hair into an attractive bun. Add a sparkly hair accessory to elevate the entire look, as the accessories will be visible on your dark hair.

33. Box Braid Bun

Box Braid Bun

Box braid is a common style in summer if you are planning a summer wedding surrounded by colorful flowers. Combine box braid with bun. This style can be accentuated with jeweled bands and veils. All things come together to give you an attractive and distinct look.

34. Sleek and Straight Full Bun

Sleek and Straight Full Bun

Wedding hairstyles are usually complex and extravagant, but we have a bit of a simple, classy, and minimal hairstyle suggestion. Take the upper hand with your thick and straight lock strands to turn into a low bun. Make a full chignon at the base of the neck for an appealing look.

Stylish and Attractive Ponytails

Whether you are a bride or bride’s maid, a ponytail will level up your look and styling game. These are some ponytail styles for black women.

35. The Voluminous High Ponytail

The Voluminous High Ponytail

A gorgeous high ponytail is both chic and sophisticated. This bride pulled her gorgeous curls back into a stunning wedding ponytail - don't forget to add a necklace and earrings for added flair!

36. Asymmetrical Braids

Asymmetrical Braids

When updos and ponytail hairstyles do not give the required results, try asymmetrical braids. It will level up your fashion game while ensuring a good bride look. To achieve this style, the part curves around the head and makes a tight Dutch braid.

37. Wave Ponytail

Wave Ponytail

What else is better to show off your low mane other than a high pony? Have a good styled voluminous ponytail to achieve extra height. All you need to do is to slick your hair up with the help of gel and wrap it around the crown of the head. Once the pony is perfectly set, use the curling iron on the tail to add some curls.

38. Sleek and Low Puff Ponytail

Sleek and Low Puff Ponytail

This controlled and puffy ponytail looks admirable on all-black brides and bridesmaids. It is easy to make and style. If you are willing to do your hairstyle, consider this option. This hairstyle can be achieved on straight and relaxed hair. Other textures require extra effort.

39. Braided High Pony

Braided High Pony

While looking into ponytails, it would be unfair to exclude braided ponytails from the list. The braided pony is a great style for brides' maids. To achieve this look, use a bristle brush and make a high ponytail before moving to make a fishtail braid. With good handling, you will surely grab instant attention.

40. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

The name and look may indicate that it is most intricate and difficult to achieve. In reality, it is quite easy to make and style. Try it for your wedding day. It will turn out to be so gorgeous. This is the best hairstyle for weddings of black women. With plenty of accessories, you can add glamor to it.

41. Low Pony with Tight Waves

Low Pony with Tight Waves

A simple low pony means no crisp, but it is a great trend. To spice up the look, you are suggested to get some tight waves. Firstly, part your hair down from the middle and even both sides with a brush before wrapping your hair into a low ponytail. Then with the help of a curler, add tight curls or waves to boost the volume.

42. Long Loose Waves in Ponytails

Long Loose Waves in Ponytails

Not every woman wants to carry a sophisticated hairstyle on her big day. Some want to stay simple with simple hairstyles. For such brides, long loose waves with a low ponytail are the best option. Not only for brides, but it also works well for guests and brides' maids. If you have short hair, a good extension will help you get the desired look.

43. The Flower-Adorned Fishtail

The Flower-Adorned Fishtail

This hairstyle is the perfect combination of a fishtail and a ponytail. And decorate your hair with flowers picked on the morning of your wedding to make it even more striking.

44. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

Brides-to-be can also adopt this style. Parting your hair and adding a few rows of braids on the sides is the perfect way to create a stylish design.

Hairstyles with Veil

Veils give a classic yet attractive look to the bride's look. Combine your veils with these hairstyles to have a perfect look.

45. Deep Side Part with Long Veil

Deep Side Part with Long Veil

Wedding veils look cute and beautiful when styled with a side part. To achieve this look, divide your hair into two sections and clip one side back with a shiny and beautiful clip. Pin up a long cathedral-length veil for perfect winter glamor.

46. Wavy Half-Up Style with Long Veil

46.Wavy Half-Up Style with Long Veil

For a half-up hairstyle, you need to attach the veil under the bun or updo and let the veil and hairstyle set on the crown of your head. Do not let it swipe below because it will change the look. You can also charm up with sparkly pins and hair combs.

47. Long Barrel Curls

Long Barrel Curls

The stronger the curls, the more beautiful they look. If you want minimal or no jewelry looks, try the barrel curls for a wholesome look. Compliment it with light liner and peach lips for a cute, simple, yet stylish look.

48. Topknot with Wedding Veil

Topknot with Wedding Veil

No matter whether your wedding day inclines with summer or you just want to tuck up your hair, just make a high cute bun. This whimsical hairstyle looks even better when you surround the bun with a braid. Finally, complete the look by pinning the veil.

49. Retro-Inspired Wedding Veil

Retro-Inspired Wedding Veil

In case you own full bangs, set your veil in the front and tie the hair from the back to get a retro effect. Combine it with jet-black winged eyeliner for a lively look.

50. Low Updo with Flowers, Ringlets, and Veil

Low Updo with Flowers, Ringlets, and Veil

The contrasting names give a complementary look. Yes! We are talking about the latest trend in hairstyles for black women. This hairstyle defines that there is no need for heavy accessories and complicated hairstyles to look beautiful. Make ringlets at the nape and adorn them with flowers, and here you go with a classy, beautiful, and feminine look.

51. Natural Curls with Twist and Veil

Natural Curls with Twist and Veil

Veils are an important part of a bride's outfit. Complement it with natural curls and twist, going from side to back. Let the other side of your hair be free for an astonishing look.

Bridal Black Hair Styles with Halo

Halo accessories used to be part of rustic themes and weddings, but now they are a common part of the dress of black brides. It implies you can rock both barn and marquee marriage when you adore this.

52. Money Piece Bob

Money Piece Bob

simple bob and voluminous bob are a thing, but combining the bob with a money piece will give a different and elevated look. For an even, excellent, free-from-fizz look, do not forget to apply the hair styling spray to boost shine and defend strands against heat.

53. Finger Waves

Finger Waves

A hairstyle for short hair is difficult to achieve due to its short length. It even becomes difficult to make a twist, but we have got one for you. Finger waves are an excellent choice for people having boy cuts or pixie cuts. This style will not only frame the face but also define your features to enhance your beauty.

54. Classic Blowout

Classic Blowout

When you want to stay simple and beautiful and look like a bride, the only hairstyle that fulfills your requirement is the classic blowout. This is a winning hairstyle which is a good option for anyone going to attend a wedding or even becoming the bride. You can also add volume and a little bit of flare with the help of a curling iron.

55. Floating Flower with HeadPiece

Floating Flower with HeadPiece

As the name indicates, you are going to have a white flower in your hair. Yes! Her loose curls take charge to get a flower shape at the hanging side of the hair. All you need to do is make a shape and seal them with a pic. The best aspect of this hairstyle is that it maintains volume from the front.

56. Half Braided Half Low Do

Half Braided Half Low Do

If you want to make a hairstyle while letting the natural locks swirl, try this half-braided and half-down do. It will let you make braids and let the natural curls shine at the same time. You just need to keep the focus on small rows in the front and weave the ends together in the form of a crown. For sharp design, you can use curl creams that help control the hair.

57. Halo Braid with Twists

Halo Braid with Twists

Braids and twists should be the first choice when it comes to black women's wedding hairstyles. Whether you like updos or down-dos, this hairstyle will help you get the desired look, as halo braids give an upgrade to traditional and simple twists. All braids and twists come together to offer an astonishing look.

58. Afro Puff with Highlights

Afro Puff with Highlights

This is another excellent wedding day for those who want to flaunt their natural hair texture. For this purpose, all you need to do is stick your strands up and gather them carefully in the form of a bun. You can also highlight the hair, complement the skin tone and make the style chicer.

59. Wispy Updo with Hair Accessories

Wispy Updo with Hair Accessories

This is a messy updo to pick up the look. The wispy texture of this hairstyle ensures a light head. You can add up clusters of white, blue, purple, or other flowers to increase the degree of festivity. However, choose the size according to your requirement to have a stunning look.

60. Black Curls with Adjacent Braids

Black Curls with Adjacent Braids

There are lots of black women's wedding hairstyles that focus on braids and twists, turning into an updo, but this one will make curls the main part. The additional well-placed braids can give a unique touch to the bride's look and will compel everyone to praise and adopt.

Simple and Charming Hairstyles

If your dress is heavy, try these simple hairstyles to balance the look.

61. Buttery Curls

Buttery Curls

Like other traditional updos, it follows the same steps but is more carefully and refined. It looks ideal on straight hair, producing soft and incredibly romantic waves. Let it be simple for the best look, do not stuff it with heavy hair accessories.

62. Waterfall Braid with Bangs

Waterfall Braid with Bangs

Curly hair already has a good amount of volume at the end. If you want to add some on top of that, make sure both parts do not meddle with each other. In this situation, a waterfall braid comes in, which complements your curly hairstyle without consuming a lot.

63. Afro


Do you want to live the moment with a vintage-style outfit? Complement it with a classic Afro hairstyle. You need to use hair picks to create the perfect shape. Remember that you can only achieve this look if you know how to make perfect curly wavy hair and place the headband in the right place.

64. Pixie Cuts

Pixie Cuts

The Pixie cut will flatter all types of facial shapes and features, making you more visible.

65. Long Waves with Crown

Long Waves with Crown

In winter, open hair is the best choice. You can style your hair into simple yet elegant waves. Take half from both sides and roll back to the head. It will give the perfect bride's vibe.

66. Pretty Princes Roll

Pretty Princes Roll

The wedding day is the most important day of life, so it should surely give the princess a feel. For this purpose, you need to select the best princess hairstyle. To get one, you can roll your very own hair from the side to the back of the head, then incorporate the headpieces to elevate the overall look.

67. Soft Smooth Waves

Soft Smooth Waves

The simple and wavy hairstyle is a common trend in 2023. They look feminine and are mostly witnessed on red carpets and TV shows. This is the best hairdo for a lively look. You need to bend your hair a bit wavy for this look without consultation and assistance from a professional hairstylist.

68. Big Luscious Shoulder Touching Curls

Big Luscious Shoulder Touching Curls

You have seen short curls, tight curls, and many types of waves, but do try out huge curls. They are perfect for giving the required volume. Moreover, when you pin them up from one side and add a long veil at the back, the big curls give the perfect vibe for the wedding.

69. Twisted Crown

Twisted Crown

Twists are part of 90% of hairstyles, but they give different looks in every turn and twist. When it comes to black women's wedding hairstyle, the twisted crown on both sides helps get a cute and appealing look. Make a middle parting and make twists on both sides. Tie them back and compliment the hairstyle with light waves at the end.

70. Long Layers with Feathering

Long Layers with Feathering

Feathering was mainly popular back in the 1970s. However, it is making a comeback nowadays. So before it becomes common again, choose it for your big day. You can make a middle parting and accessories at the back for a perfect vibe.

71. Pixie Hair Style with Tight Waves

Pixie Hair Style with Tight Waves

If you have short hair, add some layers to it to make your day. When you add a wave to your pixie cut, it flawlessly blends with your matte beauty look. The waves not only add volume but also make them look attractive.

72. Short Blonde Curls

Short Blonde Curls

Short hair and curls are perfect for the wedding of black women. No matter which colored hair you have, short curls will elevate the look, but turning blonde will make the dress livelier with a dark skin tone. Dye the hair and add some natural curls, and you are ready for your big day.


Wedding hairstyle is one of the most important aspects to consider before a wedding. It is a game maker and breaker. If the hairstyle does not look good, your dress cannot compensate, whereas if the dress is simple, a good hairstyle will alleviate your whole look.

Considering the importance of hairstyles, we have mentioned the best wedding hairstyles for black women. You can select any and consult with your hairstylist to get an exact look. If you have short hair, you can also take the help of extensions and wigs to get the required length and volume.

Finally, happy wedding!!!

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