360 Lace Wig vs Full Lace Wig: What's the Difference(Includes Installation Guide)

Who doesn’t want to look stunning and fabulous all the way? But sometimes it could be difficult for you to style your hair every time you go out. Because regular hairstyling or ironing can damage them. And it’s very heartbreaking for a girl/woman to ruin their hair by themselves. But this era of fashion has made everything possible for you.

Have new styles of hair every day by wearing a full-coverage wig. That gives an out-of-world experience along with a natural look. Get your favorite styled and human hair wig from hedyhair.com, which enhances your looks and makes you glow forever. Set your priority, what exactly do you want? A 360 lace wig or a full lace wig? You may get surprised that isn’t both are the same thing? Don’t be confused, we will discuss both of them for your understanding.

1. What is a 360 Lace Wig?What is a 360 Lace Wig

From the name, you can easily guess that this type of wig is styled either way upward or downwards. As 360 is a whole trip to a circle similarly the 360 lace wigs cover up all of your natural hair. It has lace on all around the crown while a cap exists on the center of the wig. Like the end of frontal baby hairs. Good news for you. 360 lace wishes them too. So it’s like hairline to hairline coverage. That’s why it fully protects your original hair and gives you natural look and feel.

If you love ponytail hairstyle? No problem. You can be able to make it with 360 wigs. And amazing thing is that the lace present on the back side will also give a natural scalp feeling.

2. Feature of 360 Lace Front Wigs

  • Better breathability allows your scalp to breathe better and prevents your skin from itching
  • The hairline is pre-plucked for a more realistic look
  • 360 lace wigs allow you to create high ponytails, updos, and buns
  • Lower price than full lace wigs

3. How to Install a 360 Lace Wig(Video Guide)

The video below shows you in detail how to install a 360 lace front wig, and also includes how to do the back of a lace front installation. By watching the video below, you too can expertly style your wig.

4. What is a Full Lace Wig

What is a Full Lace Wig?

People prefer full lace wigs, the reason is that you can wear whichever style you want. How it is possible? As full lace is already telling the story of the base being made only of lace. The natural type wig in which it feels like that hair is coming out directly from roots.

This wig also easily fits on any type of head and is comfortable to use because of its stretching power. You can also easily part your hair in whichever direction and way. With it, you can even wear cornrows and braids too.

5. Feature of Full Lace Front Wigs

  • Full lace wigs feature a completely imperceptible lace base, allowing you to style your wig as you wish, such as high ponytails, braids, cornrows, and more
  • So light and so breathable, you'll even forget you're wearing a wig
  • The full lace wig looks so realistic that no one will notice that you are wearing a wig
  • You can create middle parting, side parting, or wherever you want
  • Has all the advantages of 360 lace wigs

6. How to Install a Full Lace Wig(Video Guide)

In this video you will learn how to wear a full lace wig without using glue.

7. What is the Difference Between 360 Lace and Full Lace Wigs?

Although most people can’t differentiate between 360 lace and full lace wigs. From the names, both of them look and feel the same. But they have their qualities too which can’t be denied. They both are versatile and easy-to-carry wigs. But some of the differences are making them unique from each other.

Cap construction

The cap construction of the 360 wigs and lace wigs are different from each other. In 360 lace wigs, lace is present all around the crown and cap in middle. It has a stretchable cap that is made by machines.

While a full lace wig is a purely handmade lace wig. Strands are knitted one by one on the lace cap.

Lace size

360 wigs have a cap in the middle and lace is attached to its sides in a circular way around the hairline. That makes it look natural from all sides.

While a full lace wig is only made up of lace, that will let you part your hair in any direction.


A full lace wig is hand knitted and made of sheer lace material. That is why it’s more costly than 360 wigs.

Versatile & breathable

The nature of a full lace wig is more versatile and the ability to breathe is also greater than 360 wigs. As breathability is directly linked to bigger lace size. So full lace wig wins in this case.

Both wigs can be parted in any direction and way. You can make ponytails, and with full lace, you can also make a bun or scalp braid.

Installing process

The installation process of a full lace wig is more difficult and complex than the 360 one. Because full lace covers the entire head while 360 wig has to install in a circular motion.

Both of them are human hair wigs, so if you want to buy any of them. Firstly focus on which type of styling you want and what is your price range.

8. 360 Lace Front vs Full Lace Wigs: How to Choose?

The wig industry has transformed the market. And they are becoming the hot favorite of many girls. Choosing a wig that suits you will be tricky. Maybe a specific wig type works well for one person and it doesn’t suit some other person.

If you’re a newbie and want convenience. Then just go for 360 wigs. Because it’s easily manageable as compared to full lace. The price will also fall in your range.

Want some complex hairstyles like buns or scalp braids then go for a full lace wig. Relatively expensive one but worth buying an item because you will have a variety of styling options.

9. Tips for 360 & Full Lace Wig Care

Whether the wig is sewn in at home or by a professional. Aftercare is the must thing to keep it in right place with shine and make it look new forever.

  • Don’t comb your wig from the base side, it will weaken or break them. Start from the tips and gently go up to smoothen the strands.
  • Avoid more often use of heating machines like a blow dryer, straightener, or curling rod. It will cause damage to the wig hair.
  • Wash the wig by adding shampoo to the lukewarm water in a bottle and spray on your wig gently. This trick will make your wig new forever.

Treat the wig like it’s your hair. Gently touch it and keep it will love. A wig is your asset and a worthy investment, so taking care of it is necessary.

10. Style Yourself as No One Else Does

Want a new wig that will give you a whole new look? And also uplift your personality? Get an amazing wig, but keep some points in your mind to look great and uber-chic every day.

  • The hair thickness of the wig will increase the attraction of your personality. Whatever style or look you like, can be easily achieved by using a wig.

  • Along with the wig color, lace color is also important. If your complexion is dark, go for a brown lace wig. But if you have a lighter skin tone then use a translucent lace wig.

  • Set your budget & choose the wig that falls in your price range. There are many good quality wigs available that are of affordable prices.

We have recommended some popular wig styles for you below:

360 Lace Frontal Wigs For Ponytail Hairstyles

360 Lace Frontal Wigs For Ponytail Hairstyles

Free Part Ponytail Style Straight Lace Front Wigs

Free Part Ponytail Style Straight Lace Front Wigs

 Deep Wave Human Hair HD Lace Wigs

Deep Wave Human Hair HD Lace Wigs

Curly Human Hair HD Lace Front Wigs

Curly Human Hair HD Lace Front Wigs

11. Bottom Lines

Get your confidence back by wearing a 360 frontal wig or full lace wig. Whichever suits you the most and you feel comfortable in it. Because comfort comes first. Going to an event or many a reel for YouTube? The perfect wig will clear all your doubts and make you look mesmerizing and glamorous every time you wear it.

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