27 Hair Color Vs 30 Hair Color: Everything You Need To Know

Hair color has always been one of the most concerning topic for fashionable girls. Whether you want to create a natural, extreme, or bold look, you have to find the most suitable hair color for you. The perfect hair color will both make your hair look glamorous and match your appearance and skin tone. As society continues to evolve, in today's wig market and hair salons, there are many hair colors for women to choose from. But when faced with a variety of hair color numbers, you may be confused, not knowing what color these numbers represent and which color suits you. Such as the 27 hair color and 30 hair color, etc.

In this blog, I will tell you the difference between 27 hair color and 30 hair color so that you can make the right choice between these two hair colors.

What Hair Color Is 27?

27 hair color

#27 hair color is also known as honey blonde or strawberry blonde, some people also call it light auburn. Its color is a mix of warm blonde and light brown. #27 Hair color is browner than platinum blonde but lighter than regular brown.

What Hair Color Is 30?

 30 hair color

#30 hair color is a medium auburn, which is more brown hair color compared to the blonde hair color of #27 hair color. Also, the #30 hair color tends to be a mix of light brown and red.

What Is The Difference Between 27 And 30 Hair Color?

What Is The Difference Between 27 And 30 Hair Color

The main difference between the 30 hair color and the 27 hair color is that the 30 hair color belongs to the brown family, while the 27 hair color belongs to the blonde family. So the color of the 27 hair color is lighter than the 30 hair color.

Common blonde hair color families: 613 Blonde, Blonde Highlight Medley, Rose Blonde, Golden Blonde Balayage, etc.

Common brown hair color families: Reddish brown, dark brown, caramel brown, dark chestnut brown, deepest brunette, etc.

Hair Color Chart

Here is a hair color chart that will give you a better understanding of the differences between different hair color numbers

hair color chart

27 Hair Color And 30 Hair Color, Which Is Better For You?

Whether you want to match your natural hair color or want to try a different one, choosing a hair color can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to make the right choice.

Your Natural Hair Colour: If you are unsure which of these two hair colors to choose, it is best to choose a color that matches your natural hair color. Both 27 hair color and 30 hair color will blend perfectly with brown hair to create a brown balayage look. If you want to make some highlights in your hair, hair color #27 will definitely please you.

The Look You Want: Decide if you want to go lighter or darker. If you want to significantly change your hair color, then it is recommended that you choose a hair color that is lighter or darker than your natural hair color.

Skin Tone: How well your skin tone matches your hair color is an important factor. A hair color that is close to your skin tone or slightly lighter will brighten your skin tone and make you look younger. Therefore, 27 hair color is a great choice for lighter skin tones, such as light brown skin. If you have a darker skin tone, 30 hair color will brighten up your skin tone and make you look more attractive.

Wearing a Wig: If you want to try 27 and 30 hair colors first, you might as well wear a wig. You can see how they affect the shape of your face without leaving permanent side effects. Try to wear a good quality wig to have an accurate understanding of hair color.

Dye a Little Hair First: First pick a little hair to try the effect. Clip a small section of unobtrusive hair at the bottom, dye this strand of hair and see how it looks. You can get a general understanding of the effect of hair dye before deciding whether to dye all your hair. This may help you avoid unsightly styling.

Once you meet the color that suits you, you will discover a new confident you. Here are some popular 27 and 30 hair colors to give you some hair color inspiration for your next wig shopping or salon visit.

4 27 Hair Color Mix

4 27 Hair Color Mix

4 27 Hair Color

Looking for a new hairstyle for your next prom? This 4/27 hair color will definitely make you grab the attention of most people.

Ombre 1B/27 Honey Blonde

Ombre 1B27 Honey Blonde

Ombre 1B/27 Honey Blonde

The ombre color looks very layered, and you must try this hairstyle once in 2023.

Ombre Highlight

Ombre Highlight

Ombre Highlight

The wavy highlights will make your hair look very full, so if you like the full look, this is the perfect choice for you.

27 Hair Color

27 Hair Color

27 Hair Color

27 hair color styles can help you create a warm look.

Bob 1B 27 Hair Color Mix

Bob 1B27 Hair Color

1B 27 Hair Color Mix

The classic bob never goes out of style and this 1b 27 hair color mix is definitely one of the best inspirations for your next salon trip!

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